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Agronomy Department

The Agronomy Department of Heritage Cooperative is dedicated to offering quality products, services and recommendations necessary for our customers to produce grain and forage crops in a profitable manner. The department is divided into four sub-departments: Crop Nutrients, Crop Protection, Crop Advantage and Seed.

A 30,000 ton high speed hub facility, built in 2009, and the recently built liquid plant with a 2 Million gallon UAN storage tank on our Kenton Campus allows us to receive unit trains of dry and liquid fertilizer products. These two major investments allow us to secure ample supply of product and deliver CROP NUTRIENTS with a competitive price. Several other facilities throughout our footprint offers custom application services and provides additional fertilizer storage.

A complete line of CROP PROTECTION products is offered in many package sizes, including bulk and mini-bulk. The lineup includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators, micro nutrients and many spray adjuvants from the major manufacturers. We have several pieces of custom application equipment and licensed applicators qualified and trained to precisely apply these products.

CROP ADVANTAGE is a program designed to help our producers manage their inputs using a geo referenced intense soil sampling program. Click here to go to the Crop Advantage page.

SHUR GROW seed brand is Heritage Cooperative’s own proprietary brand of SEED. The Shur Grow brand offers Seed Corn, Soybean varieties and Wheat varieties that are tested and selected specifically for west central Ohio. Heritage Cooperative is also proud to offer and service Monsanto brands of Asgrow and Dekalb and the Croplan brand from Winfield. Click here to go to the Shur Grow page.

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