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Cattleman's Edge


The Heritage Cooperative Cattleman’s Edge program was born in 2010 and is designed to help cattle and livestock producers become more efficient in many ways, from nutrition to pasture management. Our Purina nutrition line offers you several choices in maximizing your nutrition needs, please give us a call we would be happy to help with your nutrition management.

While most livestock are on pasture, producers have told us pasture management is a challenge due to the terrain of pastures and the lack of equipment to get to those areas. We listened, so we designed and purchased a piece of equipment that sprays herbicides or spreads fertilizer on these pastures in an efficient way while getting positive results. The acres we treat in this program continue to increase as producers of all types of are having success in controlling tough weeds in rough areas where larger equipment can’t reach. The boomless sprayer/spreaders lets us treat acres in low lying areas where fence lines and trees are a problem while being guided by GPS technology to promote efficiency during application. The best time for these applications are early spring to early summer and late summer to late fall.

If any of the above mentioned areas relate to your operation then please give Mark Beattie a call at 937-405-5983 or send him an email at MBeattie@heritagecooperative.com.  We will be happy to discuss the Cattlemen’s Edge Program with you.