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Heritage Marysville Ag Campus Hauling Routes-Union County Heritage Marysville Ag Campus Hauling Routes-Union County (670 KB)

Union County approved hauling routes to the Heritage Cooperative-Marysville AG Campus facility are as highlighted above. Local county and township roads do not have adequate strength or width to carry the necessary loads. Use SR’s 4, 38, 161, 736, USR’s 33 & 42, Industrial Pkwy and Scottslawn Road to access facility when traveling from the south. Trucks form all other directions are asked to utilize USR33 via State Routes.


For branch contact information, please visit our branch page

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Please call the office for current hours.  937-553-9870

Marysville Ag Campus Grain Map Marysville Ag Campus Grain Map (438 KB)


Grain Traffic Map

Scottslawn Road Grain Entrance:

Follow the yellow line towards the scale office and you will notice that we will
probe trucks prior to the scales. There is a red/green light for your convenience
to know when it’s time for you to move from the probe area. Once you get on
the scales, you will give the Heritage employee at the window the name and
selling information for the load you are hauling. You will then receive paperwork
which includes the gross weight, grade and selling information. When you arrive
at the pit, an employee will put a number on the paperwork and you will give
this back to the person weighing you out. When leaving the dump to the outbound
scale and the exit please follow the blue line.