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Heritage Cooperative Videos

Behind the Desk 15
Behind the Desk with Cindy Parker-Sturgill
Behind the Desk With Dave Taylor part 3
Behind The Desk with Ed Nienaber
Behind The Desk with Ed Nienaber
Behind The Desk with Feed & Specialty's Dave Monnin
Behind the Desk with Lyle G 11-3-14
Behind the Desk with Max Perry
Behind the Desk with Megan Arthur
Behind the Desk with Russ Delay
Cattleman's Edge
Crop Advantage Video week 1
RFTB 2019


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Brand Identity Guidelines

The correct use of the Heritage Cooperative logo, a specific color palette and distinctive fonts are very important when incorporating the logo in print, in video or other media. The company logo is a registered trademark and may not be altered in any way. We would be happy to provide you with a high resolution of our logo and our brand identity guidelines.

If you have questions about the correct use of the logo, maintaining proportions and preserving clear space, please contact us.