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Turf & Specialty

The Heritage Cooperative specialty division is located in Milford Center, Ohio.  We offer a complete line of Shur Grow lawn fertilizers, Ice Melt products, and Aquatic products for commercial or residential use.   Our lawn fertilizers are packaged in 50 pound bags.  We offer an exclusive 4 step lawn care program along with organic fertilizers, slow release fertilizers and weed and feed products.  We offer grass seed with custom mixing available and other lawn products to keep your yard weed free and looking its best throughout the growing season.

Our Ice Melt line is known as “Shur Melt products” which are also from the Milford Center Ohio location all of these products are designed for homeowners and commercial use. “ Shur Melt Plus” is available in 50# bags, mini-bulk and bulk for commercial spreaders.  This product is a 4 way blend that provides quick and powerful results even in subzero temperatures.  Our exclusive “Blue is in the Bag” technology eliminates waste and is extremely efficient for ease of application.  We also carry bulk coarse salts, magnesium and calcium chloride products in 50# bags and 2000# super sacks, as well.