Heating Oil

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Your Lowest Priced Heating Oil Provider

We provide high quality heating oil, at the most competitive price with local, dependable service. Our nine owned supply points ensure you can get the fuel you need when you need it.

The 1st Choice Energy #2 heating oil, blended with Growmark additives, is the most refined heating oil providing many benefits:

• Clean burning, improving combustion and providing more BTUs per gallon
• Protects your fuel system from rust and corrosion
• Winterized fuel with anti-gel properties
• Delivered locally with dependable service

1st Choice Energy is your trusted source for heating oil, propane, lubricants and commercial fuel.

To order: 


800-227-1062 Eastern Ohio

800-424-2584 Western Ohio


Heating Oil Plan 2022-23

1st Choice® Energy Services’ goal is to help you manage your heating bill and remove any surprises due to the
volatile energy market. We offer a variety of programs with many benefits. Sign up now for the 2022-2023 Heating Oil Budget Plan


Bulk Oil Delivery

1ST Choice has competitively priced products, available 24/7 via our strategic supply locations. With an emphasis on safety and security, 1ST Choice has the trained staff and dedicated truck fleet to meet your needs.