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Partner Up for Sustainability

Oct 03, 2019

Partner Up for Sustainability

Heritage Cooperative has a long history rooted in Ohio Agriculture. We’re proud of our past and know that continuing to innovate is essential to our future. Our collective footprint has a big impact on this country’s food supply and we recognize a gap between what we do and our end consumer. That’s why we have partnered with Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN™ to help shape the future of sustainable agriculture.

The Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN™ network brings together the best in ag tech and on-farm business management to drive sustainability across the food system. The goal is to feed people, safeguard the planet and support farmer livelihoods. It is unique in that it is farmer-owned and farmer-driven designed to help implement practical and sustainable methods.

Through Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN™ Heritage Cooperative has access to Truterra™ which is an insight engine that meets farmers where they are and provides customized insights and framework for continuous improvement. This allows us to create meaningful impact acre-by-acre. Truterra™ offers customized insights and recommendations, on-farm support resources, benchmarking and reporting, and access to conservation experts. By establishing clear metrics and a common language for sustainability, we can all work together to drive meaningful and scalable impact and bridge the gap with our end consumer.

Contact the Heritage Ag Tech Team today or email for more details.

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