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Agronomist says nutrient deficiencies are evident

Jul 26, 2019

Author: Jennifer Hoobler, Director of Agronomy Business and Marketing

Did you know that Boron impacts flowering set and fruiting, helping with pollination? Targeting boron at the leaf tissue can also help mobilize photosynthates and feed the newly fertilized kernels in the beginning stages of blister and milk. In this particularly wet year, there seems to be an enhanced rate of deficiencies of Boron.
So far in 2019, 131 of the 168 NutriSolutions tissue tests Heritage Cooperative has pulled on corn have shown deficient or responsive to Boron. This is partly due to early season rains moving Boron out of the root zone. Several Heritage customers have already begun addressing this by adding MaxIn Boron to their planned areal fungicide application.

Read more in this tech bulletin, or listen to a recent interview the WinField United Agronomist, Joe Rickard, completed with Brownfield Ag News.
Audio: Joe Rickard, Winfield United

Download: Boron Deficiency in Corn


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