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Mid-Week Grain Wire

Nov 26, 2019


Winter storms are expected to move across the western portions of the Midwest this week and additional field losses are expected to occur but prices continue to struggle as traders focus on the demand side of market data rather than on the supply side.

Optimism continues to grow as talks between the US and China have remained productive, at least according to the latest reports, and Wall Street continues to gain confidence. Supportive economic data continues to provide an underlying level of support as well.

It’s a short week for grain delivery as all Heritage Cooperative grain branches will be closed on Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving Holiday. The CME will be closed on Thursday and will follow with a short 9:30AM to 1:00PM session on Friday.

Contact your grain buyer to review and enter any target offers you may need to manage your grain pricing goals in case of an unexpected market rally.

Because of the shortened week, these will be the only grain comments sent this week.

All year long, but especially during this season, we’re
grateful for wonderful customers like you!

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