2021 Input Financing Program

Now offering rates as low as 0%!

2021 Input Financing
Program Details

The Heritage Cooperative Input Financing Program provides financing options for your fall, spring and summer crop input purchases. Our program offers new financing rates for 2021 only - as low as 0%!

Heritage Max

100% agronomy (seed, crop nutrients,
crop protection) + 100% Energy or 
100% grain
(Due January 31, 2022)
Heritage Gold
Prime Rate
100% of 2 out of 3 agronomy purchases
(seed, crop nutrients, crop protection)
or 100% of your AG Technology needs
(Due November 30, 2021)

Heritage Platinum
2% Under Prime Rate

90% seed + 100% crop nutrients or 
100% crop protection
(Due January 31, 2022)

Heritage Silver
Prime Rate Plus 1.5%
50% or more seed purchase
(Due November 30, 2021)
  Heritage Bronze
Prime Rate Plus 3%
No seed purchase requirements
(Due November 30, 2021)
Input Finance Application

Input Financing Program FAQs

What is the Heritage Cooperative Input Financing Program?
The Heritage Cooperative Input Financing Program allows you to finance your fall, spring and summer crop input purchases. You can also finance your agronomy prepay purchases from Heritage Cooperative. Eligible charges are between September 1, 2020 through August 31, 2021.
What is the financing rate?
Heritage is proud to offer new rates as low as 0% for 2021 only!

Your financing rate is determined by the percent of your corn and soybean acres that are planted with seed sold by Heritage Cooperative. There are five levels of finance rates with the lowest, Heritage Max at 0% and the highest, Heritage Bronze at 3% over prime.

What crop inputs purchased from Heritage Cooperative are eligible?
  • Inputs for raising corn, soybeans, wheat, forage, seed or specialty crops are all covered. This includes seed, fertilizer, lime, chemicals, power fuel, soil testing, DEF, GPS services, custom application, delivery and equipment rental charges.
  • Non-crop inputs such as feed are not included in this program.
What product and service prices will be used?
The prepaid or cash price in effect at the time of billing will be used for products, and the regular price will be used for services such as custom application, delivery or equipment rental.
When do finance charges begin?
Finance charges are calculated from the date of the invoice when the product is picked up or the prepaid price is locked in. Finance charges are not compounded.
When is the due date?
The Heritage Max and Platinum levels are due January 31, 2022. The Gold, Silver and Bronze levels are due November 30, 2021.
What happens if I don’t purchase the percentage of seed from Heritage Cooperative I anticipated?
The financing rate will be adjusted to the level that was met and made retroactive to the invoice date.
What paperwork is required?
An application, balance sheet and tax return will be required in all cases, and in some cases a crop lien and crop insurance.
When is the application deadline?
February 28, 2021. Charges made prior to the approval and execution of the paperwork will not be transferred to the program.
How do I apply?
Complete both sides of the application and sign the bottom. Mail the completed application to AgraFinancial Services, Inc. at P.O. Box 25, Vermilion, Ohio 44089. If you have any questions, you may ask your agronomist or call Megan Petruchik with AgraFinancial at 440-315-9176.