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The Right Seed for the Job

Heritage Cooperative offers corn hybrids and soybean varieties from DeKalb and Asgrow, Croplan brand from Winfield and our own Shur Grow brand. With years of data from our own test plots, as well as our key seed partners, our agronomy team - can help you choose the best corn, soybean and wheat genetics for the soils you farm, the disease and insect pressures you face as well as your level of risk tolerance.


Our Story

Shur Grow Seeds has been one of the real success stories in the early years of Heritage Cooperative. Shur Grow is currently celebrating over 50 years of serving the farmers of Ohio. 

Shur Grow was first introduced to Ohio farmers in the early 1960’s by The Ohio Grain Company; an agricultural company founded in 1913, whose purpose was serving the farmers of central Ohio. The first seeds offered under the Shur Grow brand were primarily common varieties of seeds developed through the public sector of the seed industry. By the early 1980’s, most of the top performing hybrids and varieties were beginning to come from private breeding companies in the seed industry. 

In 1984, Shur Grow introduced its first elite genetics that were available exclusively under the Shur Grow brand. By identifying the lines that excelled in the soils of Ohio, the Shur Grow brand experienced rapid growth soon after introduction. Shur Grow was purchased from The Ohio Grain Company in 1992 by Champaign Landmark, Inc. This purchase opened doors to new technologies and plant breeding that strengthened the Shur Grow brand line of corn, wheat, and soybean seed. 

As specific traits entered the seed industry in the late 1990’s, Shur Grow was positioned to again lead the way for Ohio farmers. As the seed business grew and developed, it was not simply a matter of identifying the best genetics for Ohio soils–you now needed genetics that would offer the specific traits that insured top performance on Ohio farms. While traits continue to play an important role in the marketplace, it is still crucial to start with the base genetics that work best for Shur Grow customers. 

You can count on Shur Grow and Heritage Cooperative to lead in offering top genetics and traits, with your profitability always in mind.