Company News > Heritage Cooperative Now Offering TruCarbon™ Program to Help Local Farmers Earn from Stewardship

Heritage Cooperative Now Offering TruCarbon™ Program to Help Local Farmers Earn from Stewardship

Feb 08, 2021

Heritage Cooperative is now offering growers in Ohio access to TruCarbon™, a
transformational new carbon program that will help farmers generate and sell carbon credits. As the
first and only farmer-driven carbon opportunity, TruCarbon focuses on maximizing farmer value of
stewardship practices while maintaining an on-farm profitability focus.

Farmers can begin the information and enrollment process by visiting

TruCarbon is available through a partnership between Heritage Cooperative, Inc. and Truterra, the
sustainability business and subsidiary of Land O’Lakes, Inc., one of America’s largest farmer-owned
cooperatives. Through Truterra’s best-in-class sustainability data platform, the TruterraTM Insights
Engine, TruCarbon provides farmers a powerful soil health planning suite of tools to help determine
what is best for their business while optimizing their fields’ carbon credit potential. TruCarbon also
maximizes the value and return for farmers with premium carbon credit value.

“We are excited about the additional revenue opportunity TruCarbon can provide to our members for
their stewardship effort,” said Greg Spears, Heritage Cooperative’s Chief Operating Officer. “It is
important to us to continue to be part of the sustainability solution.”

For the current offer, participating farmers may receive $20 per ton of carbon with payments this
summer for this first tranche of credits. Qualifying farmers may be compensated for carbon
sequestration retroactively up to five years based on the soil health practices they adopted in prior
growing seasons. Heritage Cooperative is working with Truterra to bring as much value to farmers as
possible through TruCarbon. That is why Truterra is buying the credit, not the rights to the credit, so
farmers can get paid in 2021 and still have future credits to market if they choose. Furthermore, there
are no administrative costs associated with this offering.

The best candidates for the current offer are farmers who have adopted certain management
practices in the last five years demonstrated to increase soil carbon levels including complete no-till,
strip till and continuous soil cover (e.g. cover crops, double cropping, use of perennials). Priority will
be given to fields where a significant change to tillage occurred in 2016 or 2017.

For more information about TruCarbon™ and how to get involved, visit

About Heritage Cooperative
Heritage Cooperative is an agriculture cooperative providing value to our members and customers
through individualized solutions for nearly 100 years. From the chairman of our board of directors, to
the person delivering propane, unloading grain or providing guidance on crop growth, our 500 plus
employees understand that their business is to serve our customers. We are proud to provide
forward-thinking, customized solutions in grain merchandising, agronomy, energy, feed, retail and
specialties. The Heritage Cooperative corporate office is located in Delaware, Ohio. For more
information on Heritage Cooperative visit

About Truterra, LLC
Truterra is a leading stewardship solutions provider, advancing and connecting sustainability efforts
throughout the food system with scale – from farmers to ag retailers to collaborators such as food
companies. Truterra positions farmers for success by providing them tools and resources to establish
a stewardship baseline and track progress on every field they farm. The Truterra™ network brings
together the best in agricultural technology and on-farm business management to drive sustainability
across the food system, feeding people, safeguarding the planet and supporting farmer livelihoods.
Truterra was launched in 2016 by Land O'Lakes, Inc., a member-owned cooperative that spans the
spectrum from agricultural production to consumer foods.

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