2020-2021 Propane Program Options

Our goal is to help you manage your heating bill and remove any surprises due to the volatile energy market. For the 2020-21 heating season, choose the propane program that works best for you. We offer a choice of programs with many benefits to match your propane needs.


Choose a consistent monthly payment from July through May to receive:
• The Maximum Price Program for gallons delivered from October–April.
• Adjustments for under or overpayment will occur in June 2021.
• Enroll in Level Billing* and receive automatic delivery. No need to check tank gauge.
*All existing Level Billing customers will automatically receive their new contract in July.


Choose a program that caps your propane price for the gallons to be delivered October–April and
receive the following benefits:
• Delivery price will be the lower of the current market price or the “maximum price” as specified on the agreement.
• Eligible to enroll in our automatic delivery program to receive additional discounts.
• 300-gallon minimum purchase is required to participate in the Maximum Price Program.
• Upon signing/returning the agreement, you pay an upfront fee, which is equal to the number of gallons you wish to purchase, multiplied by 10¢ per gallon. For example: 500 gallons X $0.10 per gallon=$50.00
• Enrollment in this program expires at the end of business on August 31, 2020.


Choose to lock in a price for your propane delivered from October-April.
• Prepay customers will be enrolled for our automatic delivery program unless notified in writing.
• 300-gallon minimum purchase is required to participate in the prepay program.
• Total amount due will equal the number of contracted gallons multiplied by the prepaid rate plus sales tax.
• Any gallons prepaid and not delivered by April 30 will be assessed



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