Feed Equipment

Cattle at hay feeder

Livestock Feeding Equipment & Systems

Heritage Country Stores offer products for cow-calf, back-grounder and stocker operations, including hay feeders, portable bunks, watering tanks, gates, posts, chutes and electric fencing supplies. Our stores also offer specialized equipment to help feed, water, capture and manage sheep, goats, horses, and other pastured animals.  


Straw, Hay and Shavings

Partnering with local suppliers, Heritage Country Stores provide top-grade hay, straw and wood shavings at all of our locations. Supplies are available all year.


Fencing Supplies and Equipment

Quality fencing protects your property and keeps your livestock safe. We carry an assortment of fencing materials, including gates, high-tensile wire, insulators and other fence building materials.


Harvesting Supplies

Having Heritage Country Store as your local supplier of baling twine, inoculators, and syringes during the crucial harvesting season saves you time and money. We have a great selection of top-brand supplies.