Save With a Heating Oil Plan

Sign up* for a Heating Oil Budget Plan and receive:

• The option for automatic delivery with no hidden costs
• Annual heating costs spread over 9 to 11 monthly payments, depending on enrollment date
• Yearly balance adjustment for under or overpayment in June 2024

* Existing budget customers will automatically receive their new contract in June 2023.

How it works: 

• Contact us by August 31 to sign up
• Qualify with approved credit and a current account*
• There are no finance charges on current accounts
• Opt for automatic ACH payments and/or online check payments

* Budget agreement is void if payment falls two months behind.

Summer Fill & Save!

Did you know that a tank filled with heating oil is less likely to develop rust or bacterial growth during months of high humidity?

Did you also know that you can fill during the summer for greatest savings and to protect your tank?

  • Summer prices are typically the lowest of the year. 
  • Schedule your fill June-July and get an additional 10¢ per gallon discount.