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Competitive Prices. Dependable Service.

Propane is a clean burning, environmentally friendly, cost efficient and reliable source of energy. In fact, the only time most people ever think about propane is when they run out. We have 9 owned bulk storage facilities with supply purchased from multiple points across the region to ensure you have propane when you need it.

Which is why you should consider making Heritage Cooperative’s 1ST Choice Energy Services your trusted propane supplier. We have invested heavily in propane storage facilities, tanks and delivery trucks, to ensure a steady, dependable supply of fuel. Our auto-fill program ensures your propane tank never runs dry. And with a dedicated fleet of delivery trucks and trained, safety-conscious drivers, we can get you propane virtually around the clock.

What’s more, there are no unforeseen service or administrative fees when you buy your fuel from 1ST Choice Energy. We can work within your budget, and offer lock-in rates to get you the propane you need at a price you can afford.

1ST Choice Energy – New Philadelphia

1ST Choice Energy – Urbana

Propane Safety

Propane is a safe fuel source if precautions are taken and safety devices are in place. 1ST Choice Energy makes safety a top priority to give you peace of mind for your family or business. All propane employees attend a monthly safety meeting to receive education and refresher training on safety topics. Each year we send customers safety information by mail. If you do not receive this information, please contact 1ST Choice Energy Services. To further your knowledge on propane and propane safety, see the links below.

Propane Program Options 2022-23

1st Choice® Energy Services’ goal is to help you manage your heating bill and remove any surprises due to the
volatile energy market. We offer a variety of programs with many benefits. Choose the propane program that works best for you.


Fueling The Cure™

Choose Heritage Cooperative to provide your propane and we’ll donate to cancer research and prevention.
We are proud to be an inaugural member of Fueling the Cure – a joint effort between Ohio based agriculture cooperatives coming together to support cancer research. Since 2009, we have been donating $1 per delivery stop of bulk propane. Collectively, we have generated over $1,500,000 to benefit cancer research.