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Dairy cattle at feeder

The Right Nutrition for the Job

The Heritage Cooperative® Feed Division offers a wide array of concentrates, premixes and complete feeds for dairy, beef, swine, poultry, exotics and companion animals, plus delivery service for all bulk and bagged feeds.

It also includes 9 Heritage Country Stores, which are one of the area’s only Purina® Animal Nutrition Certified Expert Dealers. Our partnership with Purina gives our stores immediate access to top-of-the-line nutrition products for all animals — even hard-to-find feeds and nutritional supplements.

In addition to Purina, you’ll also find Umbarger Show Feeds, Manna Pro, Nutrena and Mazuri feeds (exotic species) at our stores, as well as our own line of Heritage Cooperative feeds and custom mixes.

Ask the Expert: Feed

Send us your feed-related questions for virtually any species. Send them to us, and read the answers to previous questions here!


Heritage Country Stores have partnered with Purina Feeds to become one of the area's only Purina® Animal Nutrition Certified Expert Dealers. This partnership gives our stores immediate access to top-of-the-line nutrition products for all animals — even hard-to-find feeds and nutritional supplements.
dairy cattle

Dairy Feed

Heritage Country Stores offer extensive options for our dairy customers. We supply everything from milk replacer and calf starters to customized dairy feeds for heifers, dry, and lactating cows. Our team of expert consultants will assist you in any way that we can to ensure you get just what it is you need for your animals. As a Purina® Certified Expert Dealer we work closely with Purina, and have full access to their technical support team as well as all of their research and products to help make you more profitable while doing what is right for the animals in your herd.

horses at pasture

Equine Feed

Health. Happiness. Performance. Peace of mind. These are a few things that you come to expect when caring for your horse. At Heritage Cooperative, our equine feeds are professionally formulated and manufactured in an ionophore-free facility. You have a choice between textured or pelleted formulas designed to deliver balanced, consistent nutrition. Heritage equine feeds are not only the ideal choice for horses at maintenance but also senior horses, performance horses, or horses that may benefit from a controlled starch and sugar diet.
pen of piglets

Swine Feed

From breeding, farrowing, and starter feeds to feeder pigs and finishing operations, Heritage Cooperative’s Feed Division can supply the swine rations you’re looking for. Our team of expert nutritionists can help you fine-tune your rations as well as work with your veterinarian when medicated feeds are called for.

beef cattle in pasture

Beef Feed

Heritage Country Stores carry a full line-up from Purina® Animal Nutrition including popular brands such as Wind & Rain, Rangeland, Accuration and Precon. In addition, we have the ability to produce custom mixes and ration balancing to accommodate the commodities and resources you have available.

Heritage offers QLF Super 32 liquid molasses, with delivery services available. We also carry several varieties of liquid feed supplements. Please call or visit your local Heritage Country Store for more information about the availability of the various beef feeds.

Feeding & Handling Equipment

Anyone who raises cattle on pasture, as well as sheep, goats, horses and other pastured animals, needs specialized equipment to help feed, water, capture and manage those animals. At Heritage Cooperative, we offer a broad line of products for cow-calf, back-grounder and stocker operations, including hay feeders, portable bunks, watering tanks, gates, posts, chutes and electric fencing supplies. If we don’t have what you need, we can probably get it for you.

Heritage Country Stores

Ohioans love their rural lifestyle, and the livestock and companion animals that come with it. And what better place to pick up the feed, animal health products, grooming and show supplies, feeders, fencing and footwear that go along with caring for animals than at stores owned and operated by one of Ohio’s largest farmer cooperatives? Heritage Country Stores are staffed with people who truly understand livestock and companion animal nutrition and care, and who are eager to provide the answers you are looking for.


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