Sheep Mom Watches Lamb From a Distance in Grassy Field

Sheep Nutrition

The Heritage animal nutrition team will work with you to ensure optimal sheep health and performance at all life stages. Our sheep feeds are formulated with your specific operation in mind and optimized for all life stages and nutritional needs. 

Sheep Feeds & Supplements

You will find these brands of sheep feed at your local Heritage Country Store. Some stores may carry additional brands to suit the needs of their customers. If you are looking for something specific, be sure to call your local store, and we will do our best to help find you what you need.

Click on the logos below to learn more about a specific product line.

Heritage Sheep Feed >

At Heritage, we know how important your animals are to you. We have a wide variety of sheep feeds available to meet the nutritional needs of your sheep and achieve the health and performance you are looking for in all phases of your operation. 

Purina Sheep Feed

Raise your sheep to thrive with the complete nutrition of our sheep-specific feeds, minerals and supplements. 

Nutrena Sheep Feeds >

Nutrena sheep feeds help support a complete, nutritious diet, so the farm animals you’re raising can live long, productive lives. These feeds are great to help balance a foraging diet. 

Sunglo >

Sunglo® Feeds is an innovator in the fast-growing show feed market. Find the Sunglo Feeds and Supplements that are right for your sheep, and see their genetic potential maximized. 

Sheep Show Supply

We have everything for your animal to shine in the ring. Our Country Stores and Show Supply trailer offer Weaver Livestock products, including halters, shampoos and grooming supplies for all species of livestock. We also carry a complete line of show equipment, including fans, fan cages, grooming chutes, clippers, trim stands and pens to help your animal look its best on show day.