About Heritage Cooperative

Heritage Cooperative® is a perfect name for a cooperative whose roots date back nearly 100 years.

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In September, 2017, Agland Co-op and Heritage Cooperative joined forces, agreeing by a vote of their members to move forward under the Heritage Cooperative name. 

Heritage Cooperative, which operated primarily in western Ohio, was known as an agronomy and grain powerhouse. Agland Co-op operated in the central and eastern parts of the state, deriving fully half its revenues from energy and related services. The new cooperative is much more balanced, and is divided into four main operating divisions: grain, agronomy, energy and feed and retail.

The goal was never simply to get bigger; rather, leaders of both cooperatives were looking to diversify their product and service offerings, and in doing so, mitigate owners’ risk.  

With headquarters in Delaware, Ohio, Heritage Cooperative employs 500 plus employees and serves customers in seven states. 

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Our Mission and Values

It’s important for any business to develop mission and vision statements, to help ensure that management, employees, customers and owners are all on the same page. A mission statement defines the company’s business, its objectives and its approach to reaching those objectives. The Board of Directors at Heritage Cooperative has adopted the following mission statement:

To be an agricultural cooperative providing value to our members and customers through individualized solutions.

A vision statement describes the desired future position of the company, or where the company wants to be. Our vision statement at Heritage is as follows:

To be the partner of choice by enabling our people to provide a superior customer experience, efficiencies and strategic alignments. 

Elements of the mission and vision statements may then be incorporated into a statement of the company’s values. These values reflect the way we expect our more than 650 employees to treat our customers, and to serve our member-owners:

Provide superior customer service

Highest standards of integrity & trust


Being a
good partner


As an agricultural cooperative, we believe we have an ethical responsibility to our member-owners to help them do the right thing on every acre of land they farm. We know, managing nutrients rates and timing of application is of ongoing importance. And it’s not simply an environmental issue; it’s an economic issue as well. Applying crop nutrients that won’t actually be taken up by crops due to soil or drainage issues, low plant populations or other factors is simply a waste of money. 

Fortunately, there are technologies and programs (including financial assistance) available to every farmer today that simply didn’t exist even 10 years ago. Heritage Cooperative is a proud partner with with two national organizations that are leading the way toward a more sustainable agriculture: The Fertilizer Institute, which promotes 4R Nutrient Stewardship, and Land O’Lakes, which has developed a comprehensive farm-to-table sustainability initiative for the entire industry, called Truterra. 

To learn more about these important partnerships, click on the links below.  

 Anchored in the Communities We Serve

One of the seven principles which guide all cooperative organizations is giving back to the community. At Heritage Cooperative, our commitment to that principle runs deep. Here are a few of the organizations we support with our time, volunteer efforts and financial support:

Ohio State FFSA officer team 2018

Ohio FFA Foundation

Heritage Cooperative is a Silver Sponsor to the Ohio FFA Foundation. The mission of Ohio FFA is to “make a positive difference in the lives of young people by enhancing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agriculture education.”

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Fueling the Cure 

In 2009, three Ohio-based cooperatives founded this program to raise money for breast cancer research. The idea was to give $1 for every delivery stop of bulk propane. Tanker trucks were wrapped in pink with bold messaging promoting “Fueling the Cure.” The idea took off, and the original co-ops sponsors were joined by a fourth Ohio cooperative as well as a co-op in Indiana. This year the program donated $190,464. The program has surpassed more than a million dollars in lifetime donations for cancer research.

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County Fair Support

Heritage Cooperative continues to be a significant contributor to 4-H and FFA Junior Fairs throughout the state. Our mission is to help as many young people as possible by partnering with others to purchase their 4-H and FFA livestock projects. 

Heritage Cooperative Board of Directors