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Grain Marketing & Services

There are plenty of options for storing, selling and taking payment for your grain at Heritage Cooperative. You may click on any of the topics listed below, contact our Grain Department.
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Spot Sale

Grain is delivered to the elevator for the current cash price. Unless specified, bushels delivered for cash/spot sale will receive the closing price on the day the grain is delivered.

Fixed Price Contract

An agreement that establishes a fixed price, Chicago Board of Trade plus local basis, for a specified amount of grain to be delivered to a named location during an agreed upon delivery period.

Basis Contract

An agreement that establishes basis, which is the difference between the Chicago Board of Trade and the local cash grain price, for a specified amount of grain for any delivery period and location. The basis is the only fixed portion of the price. A monetary advance can be requested after delivery of the bushels. Final Pricing must be completed prior to an agreed upon expiration date.

Target Price Order

The customer sets a target price that if hit will result in a fixed price contract or as pricing for delayed price bushels. If the target is hit the contract is written or the delayed price bushels are settled.

Hedge to Arrive Contract

An agreement that establishes the Chicago Board of Trade price for a specified amount of grain to be delivered to a named location during a specified delivery period. The delivery period cannot exceed 12 months from the contract date. The futures price is the only fixed portion of the price. Final pricing must be completed prior to an agreed upon expiration date or at time of delivery, whichever occurs first. Service fees will apply.

Delayed Price

Grain can be delivered to the elevator with title passing to Heritage Cooperative. The customer can price the grain for the current market price at a later date.

Deferred Payment

The customer may elect to defer payment for grain delivered against contracts or spot sales. Deferred payment periods are pre-set and current interest rates apply.

Heritage Grain Origination Team

Wes Bahan

Corporate Office

Wes grew up in North Lewisburg, Ohio, attended the Triad Local School district, and Wilmington College, graduating in 1999 with a degree in Agriculture. Following graduation, he joined Champaign Landmark working in the feed division as a general laborer and eventually mill manager. In 2006, Wes started in the grain division doing the company hedging. Since the merger into Heritage Cooperative, Wes has managed elevators and originated grain, and obtaining his series 3 and 30 license to operate a branch office of FCC Futures. In his current role of Grain Purchasing Director for Heritage, his responsibilities include originating grain, operating a futures brokerage office, operating the hedge desk, and assisting with grain shipping logistics. The diversity of Wes’ background gives Heritage growers an advantage as he can customize solutions to fit any operation. Wes currently resides in the Cable area with his wife Holly and son Eli.

Lou Baughman


Lou graduated from Kenton High school and then Ohio State ATI in Wooster in 1990 with an associate degree in Beef and Sheep Production. She started her career with Mid States as a seasonal grain grader and in 1993 joined Country Mark as a full-time grader. The following few years, she had various roles in grain grading and selling feed. In 1996, as Farmers Commission, Lou had the opportunity to change her focus to learning grain marketing. In 2001, she worked as the grain merchandiser out of the then corporate office in Upper Sandusky. 10 years later, as part of Heritage Cooperative, she became the district grain originator in Kenton. Although Lou has worked for several different company names over the years, the one constant has been loyal customers. Today, she still enjoys working with them in making their grain marketing choices and hope to continue to help them grow into the future.

Lisa Warne


Lisa has been with Heritage for 21 years and works out of the Marysville Ag Campus Grain office. After graduating from Wilmington College with a degree in Agriculture in 2001, she began as a grain grader in Mechanicsburg when it was known as Champaign Landmark. She then worked as a grain accountant and now as the Region 4 Grain Originator. Lisa has enjoyed getting to know the local farmers through the years and see their operations grow and succeed. She grew up showing steers at the local and state level and continues helping with cattle shows at the Logan County fair. She spends her free time adding to her hay trolley collection by attending farm sales and browsing antique shops and flea markets.

Haylee VanScoy

Corporate Office

Haylee started with Heritage in September 2021 as a grain merchandiser for region 2, based in Upper Sandusky. Haylee grew up around agriculture helping on her grandfather and uncle’s farm in Northeast Ohio. She graduated from The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness and Applied Economics. Prior to joining the Heritage team, Haylee spent 2-1/2 years working as a grain merchandiser in Central Ohio. Her experience in grain merchandising enabled her to make an immediate impact, working with producers to establish profitable marketing plans for their operations. In August 2022, Haylee transitioned roles and is now the Director of Grain Purchasing in Delaware. Her responsibilities include managing the hedge desk, assisting with grain shipping logistics, and supporting our internal grain team to help them meet the needs of our producers. Haylee and her husband live on their farm in Ridgeway, OH and run a hay baling and marketing operation, as well as raise direct-to-consumer beef.

Ralph Wince


Ralph grew up working with his grandfather and uncle and their grain and livestock farm and retail meat business. He started with Heritage right out of high school when he was 18 years old. While most of Ralph’s 40 years with the cooperative have been working in grain, he also has experience in retail, feed, and petroleum. Currently, Ralph is the grain buyer and merchandiser for many locations on the eastern side of Ohio. He believes growers choose to work with Heritage because of the various marketing options, overall market knowledge, personal attention, trustworthiness and patronage.

Steve Bricher


Steve grew up in Coldwater, Ohio and graduated with a degree in Business and Marketing from Northwestern College in Lima. He started his career in corporate services for Ohio Farmers Grain and Supply Association and joined Champaign Landmark and then Heritage Cooperative in 1985. His roles included credit manager, branch manager for multiple locations, and regional grain merchant in the Urbana region. He obtained a Series 3 and Series 30 security license and has been the Region 3 Grain Manager for the past three years. Steve enjoys the day to day contact with customers to understand their needs and concerns when merchandising their grain. Steve and his wife Denise have two grown sons and two grandson and spend their free time motorcycling.

Will Gase

Upper Sandusky

Will started with Heritage in January 2023 as a grain merchandiser for Region 2, based in Upper Sandusky. Will graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Agribusiness and Applied Economics. He was born and raised in Wood County, outside of Bowling Green, where he raised animals for the county fair and was involved in 4-H and FFA. He is looking forward to meeting and working with the customers of Upper Sandusky, Arlington, Vanlue, and McCutchenville.