Ag Technology

We recognize that each acre is different and each farmer has different management goals. Heritage combines the knowledge of our experienced Agronomy team with the dedicated team of Crop Advantage technology specialists to offer customized solutions to match each operation's practices to optimize each season. 
Ag Technology Services

Field Services & Insights

For more information about our field service offerings and to take advantage of packages that allow you to access multiple services for one low cost, please reach out to your Heritage agronomist.

Tissue Sampling & Analysis

Ensure your crops are getting the necessary nutrients throughout the season with our tissue sampling services and lab analysis.

Soil Sampling & Analysis

Our agronomy team offers geo-referenced soil sampling to help develop a crop nutrition prescription for your operation to maximize yield potential and profitability. We offer both soil sample collection and lab analysis.

Variable Rate Seeding

To maximize potential profit, our agronomy team can provide recommendations and prescriptions for specific planting populations and crop nutrition/protection applications across your operation's diverse soil types. 

Field Scouting

Our trained field scouts can help identify the weed, insect and disease challenges and determine solutions to preserve yield potential on your operation.
Climate FieldView

Climate FieldView

Climate Fieldview’s goal is to put all your data in one place. Through the Cab App, you can collect weather, planting, spraying, harvest, and fertilizer as-applied data all in one place then break the data down into useable information in the Fieldview App.
Precision Planting

Precision Planting Premier Dealer

We are here for you as a Premier Precision Planting Dealer. Start by having our certified meter technicians run your meters on our stand. Then we can discuss possible repairs, adjustments, or upgrades to make your planter do the best it can. 
WinField R7

WinField R7

The R7 Tool gives you a new perspective on your fields. And their real potential. Its goal is to help you get a return on every input, dollar and ounce of sweat you put into making profitable decisions throughout the season.