Farming & Agronomic Technology

Combining technology, experience and knowledge to manage and simplify decisions, improve efficiency, protect our environment and increase profit on each acre.

Crop Advantage is Heritage Cooperative's premier Agronomy program.  We recognize that each acre is different and each farmer has different management goals to meet his or her needs.  That is why we offer customized solutions to match each operations practices to optimize each season. Heritage combines the knowledge of our experienced Agronomy team along with the dedicated team of Crop Advantage consultants. Together they utilize a number of technology tools to help you manage each acre to it best capability.

Geo-referenced soil sampling combined with seasonal operation data layers such as yield maps, allows your trusted Heritage Advisor to help you make the best decisions.  In addition we offer multiple precision tools to provide insights on placing the correct seed and fertility on the right soils.  Then use these tools to put the right amount of nutrients on the crop for maximum yield potential and profitability.  

Features Include

  • Geo Referenced Soil Sampling
  • Field-by-Field Recommendations
  • Variable Rate Applications
  • Field Observation
  • Harvest Data Processing
  • Field-by-Field Record Keeping
  • Information
  • Crop Advantage Team

Offering Three Packages

Data Package
This package is for for those that are looking for advanced data analysis and specific recommendations in the areas of soil, cultural, product and/or weather. Our analysis of the selected attributes are tied into insights provided on fertility, seeding and nitrogen. We’ll provide a comprehensive data analysis summary report, and management services for your yield data and maintenance of your Climate Fieldview, AgStudio and monitor setup in any of your equipment.
Plus Package
With the Plus package you pay an annual rate per acres for soil sampling and receive variable rate seeding and nitrogen recommendations, a subscription to Climate Fieldview Plus, and the Climate FieldView Drive. We’ll also provide management services for your yield data and maintenance of your Climate Fieldview, AgStudio and monitor setup in any of your equipment.
Soil Sample Package
Our basic package includes a geo-referenced soil sample summary report of your acres with recommendations for site-specific fertilizer and lime as well as harvest data processing. We will run this for you for up to 4 years with upfront payment made per acres sampled.

Climate FieldView Plus 

Climate Fieldview’s goal is to put all your data in one place. Through the Cab App, you can collect weather, planting, spraying, harvest, and fertilizer as-applied data all in one place then break the data down into useable information in the Fieldview App. We can also upload all your grid sampling data to give you additional insights into your fields. 

Climate FieldView Pro 

With all that data you’ve collected over the years, now you have a tool at your disposal to compile your yield and soil data into variable rate planting and anhydrous maps. 
Climate also has research-backed calculations tracking your nitrogen in your soil so you don’t over apply or under apply your fertilizer. 

Field Monitoring Tool 

FMT Satellites collect data 4-7 times a week and compares your field`s NDVI mass to other fields planted within the same maturity and planting window. Then it provides a report of fields trending up or down and gives us an early warning to nutrient deficiencies, diseases, or insect pressure. 

Profit Mapper 

The R7® Tool Profitability Map connects input costs and yield potential map data to determine ROI at an acre level. We can assign variable costs to a Rx map and overlay that with harvest data. Areas found to be less profitable provide an opportunity to better align input investments with yield potential the following year. 

Precision Planting

As you know, putting the seed in the ground is one of most important factors to starting each season with the best potential. We are here for you as a Premier Precision Planting Dealer, to assist you in preparing your planter and meters for the best performance possible. You don’t know how you’re going to do without testing ahead of time. Start by having our certified meter technicians run your meters on our stand. Then, we can discuss possible repairs, adjustments, or upgrades to make your planter do the best it can. Every % of singulation matters to your yield, don’t wait until your crop is up to find issues.