Arial View of Marysville Agronomy Building and Liquid Storage Tanks

State-Of-The-Art Agronomy Hubs

Providing superior customer service by streamlining our agronomy operations

Heritage Cooperative agronomy facilities can cater to all your crop nutrition needs - from row-starter to side-dress to nutrient efficiency products, our facilities are stocked with key products, and our experts are on-site to help you make the best decisions for your operation.

Marysville Ag Campus

Our Marysville Ag Campus boasts computer automation in each building. This technology maximizes operator accuracy and facility efficiency. To meet our customers’ needs, the liquid fertilizer facility offers 24/7 access to the load-out bay. We also have the ability to customize liquid blends utilizing Thio-Sul and many different micro-nutrient products. Our 10,000-ton, double wall, liquid UAN storage tank at MAC holds enough product to cover about 40,000 acres of corn.

The dry fertilizer building has a 30,000-ton capacity, dedicated for potash, MAP, urea, and AMS.

We know that one size doesn’t always fit all, so our extensive product capacity allows us to create custom fertilizer batches to fit specific customer needs. 


Our agronomy facility at Kenton features a two-million-gallon liquid fertilizer storage tank, four 30,000-gallon liquid fertilizer storage tanks, and two large water tanks. The computer-automated liquid load-out building houses eight 10,000-gallon bulk chemical tanks and storage areas for package products and mini-bulk containers. Customers can also take advantage of the 24/7 load-out bay.

In addition to the state-of-the-art liquid fertilizer facility, Kenton's dry fertilizer building has a 25,130-ton capacity that houses AMS, pelletized lime, MAP, potash, and urea. 


Our agronomy facility at Newport features 180,000 gallons of liquid fertilizer storage and a computer automated liquid load-out building with bulk chemical tanks and storage areas for package products and mini-bulk containers. 

With two John Deere sprayers, and two Terragator combo units, our team of experienced custom applicators and drivers will ensure your products are delivered and applications are made on time. 


The dry fertilizer building at Fresno has a 4,290-ton capacity dedicated for potash, MAP, urea, and AMS. Fresno also houses a 1 million gallon UAN storage tank.

Fresno also houses a fleet of fertilizer spreaders and sprayers, as well as a team of experienced drivers and expert custom applicators. 

Equipment Investments

We recently purchased two RoGator dry application systems with AirMax® Precision R2, UltraSpread™ motors, and TurnLogic™ technology to provide enhanced custom application services for our growers. Having access to the latest in technology-advanced machinery can provide many benefits, including:

  • Improved accuracy in cover crop application for those with specific conservation goals.
  • Ability to apply in-season nitrogen with urea, saving time and money.
  • More even coverage and improved precision, no matter the conditions.

We also offer aerial applications for fungicide and cover crops through a 3rd party vendor.

Certified Specialists

Several of our custom applicators and members of the ag technology team recently participated in the Raven Precision Top Gun program. This 2-day program provides in-depth information and training on custom application systems and products. The Heritage team returned not only as “Top Guns” and certified experts, but they also trained other Heritage agronomy custom applicators and branch managers so that growers can benefit from the services of our entire team. As experts on Raven precision products, our team can provide:

  • Ability to troubleshoot issues in a more timely manner enhancing overall efficiencies.
  • More accurate data collection with additional data storage capacity and analytics to benefit growers.

Heritage Trial Results

We recognize that each acre is different and each farmer has specific management goals to meet their needs. That is why we conduct trials across the state of Ohio to determine solutions to optimize each season. Heritage combines the knowledge of our experienced Agronomy team along with the dedicated Crop Advantage team of ag technology specialists. Together they utilize tools to help manage each acre to its maximum potential.

We want to extend our sincere appreciation to everyone who participated in agronomic trials this year. These results would not be possible without the knowledge, time, energy and support of our growers, industry partners at WinField United, Crop Advantage team, Agronomy team and many others. We hope you find the 2021 Heritage Cooperative Trial Results informative and valuable.