Pet Supply


Pet Supply

With the right nutrition and care, your pets can provide you and your family with years of laughter, comfort and dedication. At Heritage Country Stores, you'll find an extensive selection of pet supplies, including wet and dry foods, beds, treats, toys, dishes, storage containers, kennels and bird cages. We carry supplies for birds, dogs, cats, fish, gerbils and other exotic animals such as guinea pigs and rodents.

All of our products are proven to be safe and beneficial to the long-term well being of your pet. While we carry a full line of products and brands, not all are available at every one of our locations. If it is not available at your local Country Store, please ask an associate. We can easily and quickly get what you're looking for from another Heritage location or directly from the supplier.

Pet Health Care

pet health care
Health care for your pet is easier than ever with our selection of medications, supplements, dewormers, and vaccines.

Pet Supplies

pet supplies
Each location specializes in high-quality leashes, collars, shampoos, food bowls, cat litter and other pet supplies.

Pet Food & Treats

pet food

We have a wide selection of dog and cat foods specialized for animals of all ages, activity levels and lifestyles. Our trained sales associates can provide details on each brand and help you better understand the nutritional needs of your pets.

Pet Beds & Kennels

dog bed
Nutrition is important, but so is providing your pet with a comfortable place to rest. When you visit our stores, you'll find a great selection of memory foam dog beds, cat jungles, crates and travel kennels.

Pet Toys

pet toys
Providing your pet with adequate physical and mental stimulation is key. You'll find a great selection of rawhide bones, catnip, pet toys, and more at your local Country Store.

Exotic & Small Animal Supplies

small animal supplies
We don't just cater to traditional family pets – we also carry a full stock of supplies for exotics and small animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and birds. If you can't find what you're looking for in your local store, we can quickly source it from another Heritage location or through our suppliers.