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Show Supplies

The Heritage Show Supply Trailer travels around Ohio to different fairs and livestock shows. Click to start shopping.

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Order Propane or Fuel

The reliable choice for locally supplied propane, fuels, and lubricants for your home, farm, or on oil and gas exploration sites.

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2019 Shur Grow Seed Guide

Shur Grow Seeds has been one of the real “success stories” in the early years of Heritage Cooperative. Shur Grow is currently celebrating over 50 years of “serving the farmers of Ohio”.

Shur Grow was first introduced to Ohio farmers in the early 1960s by The Ohio Grain Company; an agricultural company founded in 1913, whose purpose was serving the farmers of central Ohio. The first seeds offered under the Shur Grow brand were primarily common varieties of seeds developed through the “public” sector of the seed industry. By the early 1980s, most of the top performing hybrids and varieties were beginning to come from “private” breeding companies in the seed industry.

You can count on Shur Grow and Heritage Cooperative to lead in offering top genetics and traits, with your profitability always in mind.