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Health. Happiness. Performance. Peace of mind. These are a few things that you come to expect when caring for your horse.

At Heritage Cooperative, our equine feeds are professionally formulated, and manufactured in an ionophore free facility. You have a choice between textured or pelleted formulas designed to deliver balanced, consistent nutrition. Heritage equine feeds are not only the ideal choice for horses at maintenance, but also senior horses, performance horses or horses that may benefit from a controlled starch and sugar diet.

Our Horse Feed Brands

Our Horse Feed Brands 


Expert Equine Nutrition

As a “Purina® Certified Expert Dealer,” Heritage Cooperative offers a complete line of quality Purina® Animal Nutrition feed products, has knowledgeable and trained associates, and is a one-stop shop for all our customers’ animal needs. In addition to a full line of Purina® Animal Nutrition equine feeds, Heritage Country Stores also carry an extensive line of treats, dewormers, supplements, tack and grooming supplies.