Propane is a great source of energy for home heat. From indoor comfort to cooking and drying clothes, propane keeps your home running. Propane is a clean burning, environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, and reliable source of energy. 

We own 9 bulk storage facilities with supply purchased from multiple points across the region. Our investments in these facilities, tanks, and delivery trucks ensure the dependable supply and delivery of quality fuel. 

Heating Oil

Heating Oil

We provide high-quality heating oil for your home at the most competitive price. Our team of local energy experts can help you choose the heating oil best for your home, and our dependable drivers deliver the product when you need it.  

The 1st Choice Energy #2 heating oil, blended with Growmark’s Cetane Express additives, is the most refined heating oil providing many benefits:  

    • Clean burning, improving combustion, and providing more BTUs per gallon 
    • Protects your fuel system from rust and corrosion
    • Winterized fuel with anti-gel properties 
    • Delivered locally with dependable service

Bulk oil delivery is also available.   


Keep your vehicle in tip-top shape with products from 1st Choice Lubricants.

Lubricants help clean and cool down the engine parts and prevent rust and corrosion buildup. We have a wide range of product offerings from many trusted brands. Offerings include:

Fuel Stations

Look no further than 1st Choice Energy services to provide you with high-quality gas, diesel, and other alternative fuels for your vehicles. Our convenient locations across the state of Ohio will help you get where you want to go. Visit us today!