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Welcome to Heritage Cooperative Kenton

A grain capacity of 3.5 million bushel; a 30,000 ton dry fertilizer warehouse; a 10,000 ton liquid UAN (nitrogen fertilizer) storage tank with a 24/7 distribution terminal and anhydrous ammonia storage tanks. As well as 90,0000 gallon bulk storage propane tank and a 24/7 unmanned public filling station. That can accommodate cars, trucks and semi’s. Our pumps have gas, diesel and CNG (compressed natural gas).

Charles Swinehart
Region 1 Grain Manager
419-674-4045 ext. 307

Mike Shilling
Agronomy Manager

John Paul
Energy District Manager

Feature Service

Propane is a clean burning, environmentally friendly, cost efficient and reliable source of energy. In fact, the only time most people ever think about propane is when they run out. We have nine owned bulk storage facilities with supply purchased from multiple points across the region to ensure you have propane when you need it.

Agronomy Services

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Crop Advantage

Crop Advantage is Heritage Cooperative's premier agronomy program. We recognize that each acre is different and each farmer has different management goals to meet his or her needs. Our ag technology specialists work directly with our agronomists in the Kenton area to assist you meeting your goals. 

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Crop Nutrients

At Heritage, we've invested heavily in storage facilities and handling equipment to ensure safe, timely and efficient nutrient delivery and custom application options for our members and customers. Our Kenton location is available to assist with all your crop nutrient needs.

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Crop Protection

The Heritage Kenton, Ohio agronomy facility offers a complete line of crop protection products from all of the major manufacturers, including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators and spray adjuvants.

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Heritage Cooperative offers corn hybrids and soybean varieties from DeKalb and Asgrow, Croplan brand from Winfield and our own Shur Grow brand. Our team of agronomists at Kenton can assist you in choosing the best genetics for your soil.

Grain Services

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Cash Bids

You can get up to the minute cash grain bids for corn, soybeans and wheat for any of the Heritage Cooperative locations, including Kenton.

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Detailed Futures

Heritage Cooperative provides detailed futures on corn, soybeans and wheat. Our grain team at Kenton is available to assist with any of your grain planning needs. 

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Market Commentary

Get beyond the headlines with commentary from Heritage Cooperative’s grain specialists in the Kenton area. Understand how the latest news and world events are likely to affect U.S. grain markets.

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Heritage Cooperative provides access to real-time, detailed weather reports, forecasts, and live radar in and around Kenton. 

1st Choice Energy Services

1st Choice Energy Services, the energy division of Heritage Cooperative, serves farm residential and commercial customers in Ohio and surrounding states. The infrastructure which includes more than a dozen strategic locations and supply points, ensures 24/7 product availability as well as a dedicated truck fleet and trained employees who are laser-focused on safety.

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Bulk Fuels
1st Choice Energy provides fuels for farm, home and worksites in the Kenton area, throughout Ohio and surrounding states. Our high-quality fuels including diesel, gasoline and ethanol blends, as well as tanks and services.
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Fuel Station
In Kenton, we have an unattended fuel station that is available to serve the customer 24/7. Fueling options may include gasoline, diesel, ethanol blends, compressed natural gas (CNG) and others. This station is available to everyone, not just cooperative members.

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Heating Oils

1st Choice Energy provides high quality heating oil, at the most competitive price with local, dependable service. Our nine owned supply points ensure you can get the fuel you need when you need it in the Kenton area and throughout Ohio.

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We offer a full line of heavy-duty engine oils & lubricants and our logistics experts are available 24/7 to help supply the products and services needed to keep equipment and vehicles up and running.
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We have many owned supply points to ensure Kenton area customers have propane when you need it. With a dedicated fleet of delivery trucks and safety-conscious drivers, we can get you propane virtually around the clock. Our auto-fill program ensures your propane tank never runs dry.