Crop Nutrition

With access to both domestic and export markets by barge and rail, Heritage Cooperative maintains consistent product supply. Our investments in state-of-the-art agronomy facilities and application equipment ensure safe, timely and efficient nutrient delivery and custom application options.

Arial View of Excavator Moving Fertilizer in a Warehouse

Heritage can cater to all your crop nutrition needs. From row-starter to side-dress to nutrient efficiency products, our facilities are stocked with key products and our experts are on-site to help you make the best decisions for your operation. Whether you fall apply, spring apply, no-till, strip-till, split your nitrogen applications, apply nitrogen at planting, or anything else, our team can supply the macro and micronutrients you need when you need them.

Fertilizer Products

Dry FertilizerLiquid Fertilizer
46-0-0 UREA28-0-0 UAN
11-52-0 MAP10-34-0 Starter  
18-46-0 DAP12-0-0-26S Thio-Sul
0-0-60 POTASH6-20-5 OptiStart Gold
0-45-0 TSPAnhydrous Ammonia

82-0-0 NH3

*The chart above highlights a general overview of our products. Please reach out to your local Heritage agronomy branch to learn more about specific products available. Custom mixes and additional services may also be available.

Nitrogen Stabilizers

Nitrogen stabilizers can be utilized to safeguard nitrogen and optimize yield potential. Learn which nitrogen stabilizer solution is best for your spring nitrogen applications.

Click on each of the logos below to learn more about some of the specific products we offer. 

Optimize Your Inputs

Soil sampling ensures you place the correct nutrients on your acres. Our agronomy team offers geo-referenced soil sampling to help develop a crop nutrition prescription for your operation. Your trusted Heritage advisor can help you make the best decisions for spring fertilizer and maximize yield potential and profitability. 


In-season tissue sampling often reveals a need for micronutrient applications. Our agronomy team is here to help you fulfill those needs through testing for deficiencies and then supplying and applying your micronutrient needs. 

With our fleet of application equipment and highly trained applicators, our team can precisely apply crop protection products on your farm.

Our agronomy team practices the 4R nutrient stewardship principles, ensuring the right fertilizer source is being applied at the right rate, at the right time and in the right place.

Through our infrastructure and equipment investments, we ensure safe, timely and efficient nutrient delivery and application options to our member-owners.