Old Time Photo of Three Male Farmers Harvesting Corn with a Combine

Our Value

As an agricultural cooperative, our mission is to provide value to members and customers through individualized solutions. We exist to provide our farmers the knowledge, technology, and experience they need to make the best decisions for their operation.

Your Heritage

Member Ownership

Heritage Cooperative is owned and governed by members who use our products, supplies, or services, and we exist to provide value for our members. Our employees work to advocate for owners’ needs, increase buying power, access goods and services, and create economic opportunity. 

Member Benefits

Our members benefit from a seemingly endless supply of resources to assist in keeping you informed, connected and productive in your operation. The more business you do with your cooperative, the more you earn through our robust patronage program. Members are invited to our annual financial review, receive access to a year-end financial report, and are invited to visit with members of the board and leadership team. 

Connected Through Community

The benefits of cooperative ownership go beyond your operation. Heritage Cooperative invests in our communities by providing jobs, building economic stability, and supporting local services.