Agronomy Fundamentals

As we prepare for the growing season it’s important to remember that fundamentals matter. Our goal is to help you keep fundamentals top-of-mind this season and will be sharing information on key topics along the way, like Seed Trait and Placement, Mitigating Early Plant Stress, Optimizing Nutrition, Weed Control, Plant Health/ROI.

Mitigating Early Plant Stress

Warmer days have us thinking of spring. Are you ready to get in the fields and work towards a successful 2023 crop? Mitigating early season plant stress is the first of many fundamental steps to a successful season and maximizing your ROI. Over the next several weeks we will be sharing information and solutions to help mitigate those stressors using seed treatments, starter fertilizer programs, biologicals, nutrient enhancers, and plant growth regulators.

As we experience more sunshine and warmer days, we begin thinking about planting and a successful 2023 crop year. Now is the time to ensure your soybean seed is protected by the strongest defense available.

Growing high-yielding corn doesn’t happen by chance. It requires strong agronomic management and investment, which can be challenging when you can’t control what Mother Nature throws at you.

What is a good starter program for your operation? Starter programs should be based on your specific farm plan. Considerations include nutrients present in the soil, soil properties, and weather.