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"Working Together. Winning Together."

With the merger between Heritage Cooperative® and Agland Co-op behind us, we’ve recommitted our focus and effort on the people we serve every day: you, our member-owners. You are now 5,000 strong, plus an additional 10,000 customers who buy from our cooperative.

From the chairman of our board of directors, to the person who delivers your propane, unloads your grain or carries a bag of feed to your truck, we understand that we are in this business to serve you. And if your business isn’t profitable, ours isn’t likely to be, either. Which is why our rallying cry at Heritage Cooperative is “Working Together. Winning Together.” 

We know that you have options as to where you purchase your goods and services. So we make every effort to price our products and services fairly, while offering the highest prices we possibly can on the grain you sell here. It’s a virtuous cycle that, in the end, makes winners of us all.

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Heritage Cooperative's

Premium Agronomy Program

Every agronomic planning decision should begin with soil testing and field mapping. Beyond that, however, there is much more you can do to fine-tune your decision-making all season long.

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Simplify Decisions

Soil sampling and yield mapping show where to focus your resources.

Crop production services
Improve Efficiency

Make decisions in real time using data coming from your own fields.

Agronomy Services
Protect Our Environment
Apply fewer nutrients on vulnerable or lower-producing soils.
Agronomic planning Services
Increase Profit

Don’t spend money on products or nutrients you don’t actually need. 

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Heritage Country Stores

Ohioans love their rural lifestyle, and the livestock and companion animals that come with it. And what better place to pick up the feed, animal health products, grooming and show supplies, feeders, fencing and footwear that go along with caring for animals than at stores owned and operated by one of Ohio’s largest farmer cooperatives? Heritage Country Stores are staffed with people who truly understand livestock and companion animal nutrition and care, and who are eager to provide the answers you are looking for.

Equine Feeds

Animal Health

Pet Supply
Wildlife & Birds

Lawn & Garden




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