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Weekly Crop Commentary 2/18/2022

Weekly Crop Commentary - 2/18/2022

Feb 18, 2022 | Heritage
his sure was another week of some wild weather, we sure have a lot of ponds to look at for a while now. The nice weather at the beginning of the week did allow the farmers to once again move grain...
Weekly Crop Commentary 2/11/2022

Weekly Crop Commentary - 2/11/2022

Feb 11, 2022 | Heritage
The USDA released its latest round of supply/demand estimates on Wednesday and made only minor changes. The only major adjustment was to the anticipated Brazilian bean crop production estimate...
Weekly Crop Commentary - 1/28/2022

Weekly Crop Commentary - 1/28/2022

Jan 28, 2022 | Heritage
The grain future markets find themselves trading close to life of contract highs as we approach the end of January. Soybeans have rebounded some fifty cents on the week, while corn has added close to twenty cents. The trade is anticipating additional spring sales to China as we c...
Weekly Crop Commentary - 1/21/2022

Weekly Crop Commentary - 1/21/2022

Jan 21, 2022 | Heritage
The commodities futures market had a very good week with soybeans trading close to fifty cents higher and corn looking at a twenty-cent gain. The southern hemisphere weather continues to be a concern; while they saw some precipitation this week, there were also 100+ temperatures ...
Weekly Crop Commentary 1-14-2022

Weekly Crop Commentary - 1/14/2022

Jan 14, 2022 | Heritage
Good afternoon and welcome to Friday once again. Stone X was out yesterday with their September crop production estimate...A busy week hauling in January contracts in the Marysville area with the weather holding through so far to end this week. Overall, we can say the report on W...
Weekly Crop Commentary - 1/8/2022

Weekly Crop Commentary - 1/8/2022

Jan 08, 2022 | Heritage
The grain markets have recouped all their losses, post USDA grain stocks and prospective planting report last week. If you haven’t had a chance to read the recap in last week’s report, I suggest you check it out on the Heritage Grain website...
Weekly Crop Commentary - 1/7/2022

Weekly Crop Commentary - 1/7/2022

Jan 07, 2022 | Heritage
We got off to a slow start in Ohio with one of the warmest Decembers on record. Since we last visited, the grain markets have picked up a dollar improvement on cash beans, while the corn market has only been able to muster up a dime.
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